Welcome to Clapham Ag Enterprises

Clapham Ag Enterprises operates a family farming enterprise west of Toowoomba, on the Darling Downs.  We proudly grow world class food and fibre while using farming methods that are both innovative and sustainable.  We are part of a fourth Generation family farm that strives to honour our past while creating a sustainable future.

In 1955 Col Clapham started farming at “Gleneyre” on the Darling Downs.  This was the start of a journey of change and development that has brought us to the present day of precision prescription farming.  Over the generations we have tried to become more and more efficient and ever adapt to change.  This has shaped our farming enterprise to be world leaders in water use efficiency, ability to rely on natural fertilizers, and developed methods to cut chemical usage by 80%.  All this adds up to Healthier Cleaner Greener Food and Fibre delivered to you, the consumer.

The four generations of CLapham Ag